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Heat-Bucks Preview 

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Game 1 Sunday 7pm TNT

As we the weekend progresses and we tire of watching hoops a little at a time, and sick of reading about hoops, the series seem to get worse. This might be the least competitive of the first round. If the Heat don’t sweep Milwaukee it will be a disappointment. That being said, they have a guard advantage and they can get hot, but could they actually steal one?

Miami is -20000 to win this series outright. They are -250 to sweep and -175 to win in 5. That about covers all you need to know. Nobody can possibly think the Bucks are going to win this series. They probably won’t win a game. That being said...

The Best Bet: Milwaukee +1200 to win Game 1

12-1 to win game 1?! If they are going to win a game it is either game’s 1 or 3. 12-1 for game 1 has an incredible amount of value. Can’t you envision Miami starting slow, like they do all too often, only to have Jennings, and Monta shoot lights out? Those two guys can light Miami up and if they can get anything out of Ilyasova they might have a chance to win this one.

I picture a Game 1 in which the Heat expect to just walk through the Bucks only Milwaukee isn’t just happy to be here. They grab Game 1 and then lose in 5. And in those four losses they might combine to lose Games 2-5 by 100 points.

Bonus Bets:

Bucks +14 in Game 1

I like the Bucks moneyline because of the 12-1 value, but in all likliness if Milwaukee gets off to a hot start, Lebron will settle in and take control of the game, which would lead to a somehow close Heat win. I really don’t see Miami blowing the Bucks out in game 1. Milwaukee will come with too much energy. That is a lot of points to be laying in any playoff game. And if you think that will happen then take a long look at the double result bet. Milwaukee leading at the half with Miami winning the game is 4-1.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

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