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Mission Statement

If you have a brain then you know ESPN sucks ass. They're so focused on their own success they are the furthest thing from honest writers. Did he actually say playing through his injury was a "mistake" or did he say "it was probably a mistake?" You should not have to guess. ESPN is a conglomerate actually, more of a monopoly, they just think "We are the biggest and no one is challenging us, so why fuck it up now?" They report stories based on their own best interests. We here at Not Only That But Sports, HATE that. Sure, we have our own opinions and we have our favorite teams and players but there would never be a scenario in which we become a bias'ed news outlet because of it. We would never say that the Tiger Woods marital problem story may or may not be true just because Tiger Woods is one of our guys. Think of how corrupt politics is nowadays and you should understand why ESPN sucks. 

Sure we're incredibly small now that I'm writing this, but we have the heart the desire to succeed and we shall provide ESPN with some competition provided you help us out by clicking the ads (even clicking the ads and then clicking around aimlessly on that site without paying attention helps) and clicking through the Amazon link before you buy something helps us tremendously. Also, tell a friend. 

Let's build an empire...

But to do so we need you to help us so we can help advance your sports experience. We swear to focus on nothing but this should you allow us too. We have so many long term ideas, like a 24 hour sports television channel with big time tv deals where we will be focused on giving you the best viewing experience, which may mean not watching the last 8 minutes of Bethune vs Alabama St, when Virginia Tech vs Georgia Tech has already started playing. Where we won't be afraid to talk about gambling lines, because most sports fans love that shit or at the very least are aware of it. We sure as hell won't pass on picking a game because one of us is announcing it. What the fuck is that anyway? OMG he's biased one way, he's a human being like everyone else. He has picked a team to cheer for in the big game instead of just watching the game like a robot. No cheering in the press box is silly and we want to change that, amongst other things to better your sports experience.

We aren't a bunch of robots who want to get rich and then sell out by doing what's "cool". Top 40 music sucks ass, and since we are our own bosses we can do whatever we want. We WILL bring you a better sports life, provided you give us the opportunity by supporting the site.

NotBS Staff 

Please help us out click the ads, tell a friend and/or click through our Amazon banner before you buy something. Mission Statement

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