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Clippers-Grizzlies Preview

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Game 1 Saturday 10:30pm ESPN

The sequel to a fun series last year. This year however the Grizzlies are different, they are better. The Clippers are more experienced but are they better? 

Last year Zach Randolph was forced back into the lineup that had to adjust with him out for most of the year. ZBO was the lead in the Grizz runs couple years ago and he is going to be just as important this year. He is their to to guy when they need a bucket, so he need to step up. The good news, the much smaller Blake Griffin will be guarding him. 

The question to me is, with a Grizzlies team used to playing with one another, boasting the leagues best defense, how will the Clippers score? 

The Bet:

Grizzlies +145 for the series

Chris Paul is going to be Chris Paul. He is going to find them role guys open shots and with four home games they will be up for the challenge. But the defense and more importantly the size of the Grizzlies will determine this series. 

Bonus Bets:

Grizzlies in 6 games 5-1
Grizzlies in 7 games 7-1

This should be a long series just because Chris Paul is so f 'n good. But I can not see the Grizz losing again to the Clippers. Especially after the way they coughed up their season last year. Revenge will be sweet. 

PS the West is crazy this year. That half of the playoffs is going to be all time. The Grizz are 5th at 14-1 to win the conference. In the East Chicago is 4 th at 30-1. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

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