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Knicks-Celtics Preview

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Game 1: 3pm Saturday ABC

We kick off the 2013 NBA Playoffs with the second seeded Knicks taking on the Celtics. The Knicks won the Atlantic Division, knocking the Celtics from their perch the past five seasons. They also have an offensive player nearly impossible to stop. But can they win their first playoff series since 2000?

The Knicks have been on a tear. The problem with predicting this series is you have no idea what to expect from the Celtics. At full strength they are title contenders now who knows. They closed the season out with plenty of rest. We have not really seen how well they are playing now. They are unpredictable. 

However they can get after the ball on the defensive end. Playoff hoop tends to slow down. You see more half court offense than you want. But that benefits the Celtics. The Knicks are 30th in assists this season because of fast breaks and Carmelo/JR Smith. Those guys can create their own shots and love to do so more than maybe anyone. Melo has proven he deserves the opportunity, JR Smith has filled in nicely this year. Simply out the Knicks are not a deep team. Given the style of playoff hoop,Anthony will be forced to get on the block and bang with Garnett and Bass and he can do it, but not for seven games. 

The Knicks are going to need to hit threes to win this series but the Celtics have some of the most athletic "get up on you" defensive guys. I haven't even mentioned The Truth, or Jeff Green yet. 

The storyline is either going to be the Celtics come together and shock the Knicks. Or, the Knicks overcome that sweep a few years ago to win their first playoff series in 13 years. I will be honest the later sounds more realistic but I simply can not trust anyone on that team in the playoffs besides Melo.

The Bet: Celtics +300 to win the series 

Never underestimate the heart of a champion. The Celtics have not looked cohesive much this year but they will in the playoffs. Doc is too good a coach and KG and Pierce are too proud. Not to mention they are playing with the weight of the terrorism in Boston on their shoulders. The crowd will carry a crowd like no other. Celtics fans hate the Knicks, they're frauds now they have this whole thing to inspire them, to lose themselves in. 

Bonus Bets:

Celtics to win the East 35-1

Lets be honest, the Celtics are the only threat to Miami and even then they are a long shot. You can argue the Knicks all day but a team with Melo is not beating a team with Lebron, Wade, Bosh, and Ray Allen. The Celts have the feel of a rivalry, they always play them tight. Although I won't lie I think the Heat would sweep the Celtics. 35-1 though is nice. 

Celtics in 7 games 12-1

This series is going to be a war. It will likely come with a road win in which the series goes the distance. And yes they can win on the road in a game 7 stop being an idiot the Knicks have not win a series since 2000 and Melo has shrunk in the moment in the playoffs. 

Friday, April 19, 2013 

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