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Nuggets-Warriors Preview

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Game 1: 5:35pm Saturday ESPN

The second game of the afternoon brings what should be the highest scoring series in the first round, maybe OKC/HOU. Nevertheless there are going to be some points scored and some fast breaks had. The "playoff basketball" mantra will not be noticed in this series. I could see it going four games and I could see it going seven games, no matter which it is it is going to be a fun series to watch. 

Worst case scenario:

The Nuggets win in 4 but there are at least three incredibly fun, memorable games. 

Best case scenario:

Nuggets win in 7

I say Nuggets because they are not going to lose a game 7 at home. The are 38-3 at home this year. They would need to lose at least one to the Warriors to lose this series. In other words best case scenario is Denver in 7, sorry Warrior fans. At least be prepared for an incredibly fun playoff series. 

Bonus Bets: 

Nuggets in 4 games 5-1
Nuggets in 7 games 3-1

Again these are the only two options in my mind. Either it's going to be that series we remember as a super fun series that felt longer on the road to the finals or we look at it as a seven game battle in which each team scores a lot and hits clutch shots. 

Denver 30-1 to win the Title

They are only 7-1 to win the West, yet the thought of Lebron jacks it to 30-1. They are not 100%, losing Gallinari for the year which won't help. But if they can turn it into more of a college type game, they can beat anyone. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

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