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YAPS... Online Golf Scoreboards 

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Anybody following the British Open at work this week/any avid PGA fan knows how much these things suck. Every one of them is slow as hell. Maybe Yahoo! or someone like that does not have the funds, in their golf department, to develop something better but can someone please explain to me why the Golf Channel’s site doesn’t have something better? Every golf tournament I follow online drives me insane because I constantly feel like I’m a hole or two behind.

What a wonderful first-world problem. As I’m typing this I have ESPN Fantasycast open for my fantasy baseball team. If you aren’t familiar with it, it gives you all the scores to all the games with play by play, including exact pitch locations, as well as the fantasy stats from your team as well as your opponents. If you would like to you can check out every matchup in your league. This gets updated so fast it sometimes seems faster than what’s going on in front of you on the TV.

An NFL game consists of much longer plays than baseball yet any NFL scoreboard you go to gives you length descriptions of what transpired on the last play. As well as having it’s own fantasycast many sites also have something along the lines of “gamecast”. Which features one game at a time but gives much more detail, and again it gets updated so fast it can sometimes spoil what happens on the TV.

Speaking of television you can watch it right from your phone. I watched the livestream of the British Open on my lunch break on Thursday and Friday. Then when I was off lunch I checked the scoreboard and was about two holes behind where I left off watching. What the hell is going on? How can we live in a world where I can stream live coverage right from my phone, a world where I can follow every play of every one of the major sports online virtually as fast as physically watching it on TV all the while getting updated on my fantasy team, yet the easiest sport to live update is the slowest? Why is it that just three seconds after seeing Chris Stewart fly out to center in the 8th inning of the Red Sox/Yankees game, fantasycast told me exactly what happened and updated the stats accordingly, but nobody has the ability to tell me that Tiger birdied the 9th hole while Westwood bogied, putting Tiger in a share for the lead, for 5-10 maybe even 15 minutes?

I’m not even asking for a shot by shot breakdown of each hole, which would be nice and one would think rather easy with what is already out there, I am simply asking for someone to sit at a computer, while watching the golf and simply type the number 3 next to Tiger’s name under the 9th hole and hit enter when it happens, not after they’re on the green on the 10th hole. I don’t feel like I am asking for that much. It should be the easiest sport to update quickly. Hell, pay me some money I’ll sit around and do it, at least I know I’ll be updated.

Golf Channel is the biggest culprit of this though sites like ESPN should be ashamed, not like they are short on funds. When NotOnlyThatButSports blows up thanks to you people telling a friend and spreading the good word, you can bet your ass we will find a way to make this apparently impossible task happen. I could not even imagine having the resources of ESPN, in 2013, nor having a site focused on golf and having a golf leaderboard, of all things, updated so slowly. Why should it take longer to update online than it does to manually change the scores on one of those big old school wooden scoreboards on the course?

All Online Golf Scoreboards You Are a Piece of Shit.


Saturday, July 20, 2013

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