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Why Father's Day Is Better Than Mother's Day 

Hopefully the title doesn’t sound like too much of a slight to all the lovely mothers out there, you know I care. I do not want this to sound like I am saying pops is better than moms rather that their particular days of worship are far different and that Father’s Day is the better of the two every year.

Think back to past Mother’s Day festivities you have attended. There are some big family parties, fancy dinners, maybe a weekend vacation, at the very least there is a plan. Now think back to past Father’s Day festivities and tell me if you can think of even one year that had a plan. We love both our parents equally but one day is surrounded by much commotion while the other is typically decided the day before. Maybe it’s payment for not being a degenerate for nine months while they carry us inside of them so we could be alive and healthy. We want moms to feel loved on Mother’s Day. Of course we also want pops to feel the love on Father's Day but we also know that he probably wants to hang out for a little while before being left alone for most of the day.

On Friday I had this exchange with my pops...

Me: What do you want to do on Sunday?

Pops: What’s Sunday?

Me: Father’s Day.

Pops: Oh I haven’t even thought about that.

I could have asked my moms three weeks before Mother’s Day what she was thinking and it would have made for a 45 minute phone call.

Then yesterday I talked to my pops and he had this to say...

Pops: I was thinking we could go see the Superman movie in the morning then go to the NewBridge Cafe (a fancy restaurant just outside of Boston) get take out then go home and watch the US Open.

Yes he wants to get takeout from a fancy restaurant so he can go home and watch the US Open by himself. Which works out nicely for me because that is exactly what I want to happen. But that’s the point, pops is easy. If there are sports on that day, which there always is, they are the top priority. On Mother’s Day sports are almost completely off limits. So much so that NASCAR doesn’t even run a race on Mother’s Day.

All in all Mother’s Day is like a fancy wedding while Father’s Day is like taking an improv class that gets let out early. The ease, and nonchalant attitude dads have towards their day makes Father’s Day the better of the two days... even the weather is nicer in June than in May.

I love all the moms out there you deserve whatever event you are treated to on Mother’s Day but I without a doubt enjoy Father’s Day every year far more.

Happy Father’s Day


Sunday, June 16, 2013

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