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Who Will Dwight Disappoint Next? 

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One of the most coveted free agents of the 2013 season is also one of the most disappointing athletes of his time. Dwight Howard has made it very clear that he is willing to hold several teams hostage for his own vanity. Reports say that his mind has been made up and that he will announce his decision via Twitter. So what city will have the pleasure of hating Dwight Howard the most next?


He has already thoroughly disappointed in LA. He has shown no ability to get better despite having the biggest physical advantage in the league, even more than Lebron. He helped them get swept by San Antonio in this years playoffs and ultimately if he stays he will be doing so because he likes LA, he likes money, and most importantly because he loves himself. If he makes the call to stay I can guarantee you he will try and make himself look like a hero. There is no winning future in LA so it may be the easy call to try and salvage what he has already destroyed, his name.

My Odds: 10-1

Potential disappointment level: 5/10


The Mavs could be a sneaky underdog in this one. They don’t have much of a winning base built but they do have Mark Cuban who has always wanted a dominant big man. With Cuban Dwight may actually succeed. But I can promise you Dwight will take several years off of moguls life.

My Odds: +750

Potential disappointment level: 6/10


I hate the thought of this happening. The Warriors are young, talented and fun as hell to watch. The thought of them trading away pieces from that run n gun team to slow things down and rely on Dwight Howard to take them to the next level makes me sick as it should for all Warriors fans.

My Odds 5-1

Potential disappointment level: 10/10


The Rockets obviously made out big time in that James Harden deal, he even carried them to a playoff berth. They have also been planning on making a run at Dwight for a few years now. This is the best fit for him in my opinion. The Rockets can still be Harden’s team and Dwight can compliment him without having too much pressure on him. However we know Dwight loves himself some Dwight so he may not want to go someplace where he isn’t “the guy”. But he also will never win if he is “the guy”. Houston sets him up the best for the future and for making a run at a title. But beware Rockets he can derail any run at any point in time. I still don’t think you can win with him. He just hasn’t shown anything to make me believe he is going to start trying. But I do think he will end up picking Houston.

My Odds: 2-1

Potential disappointment level: 7/10


Friday, July 5, 2013

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