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Spurs vs Warriors Preview 

Game 1, Monday, May 6, 9:30pm TNT

Did you know... the Warrior have not won in San Antonio in their last 28 tries dating back to Feb, 14, 1997. That is a few months before Tim Duncan was drafted. I wouldn’t count on that streak ending this series either.

However, the Warriors beat the Spurs twice at home this year because they have the best home court advantage in the league, expect to see a ‘Remember... Being Able to Stand at a Sporting Event’ coming soon. Anyway the Spurs have transformed, over the last few years, into a team that wins with its offense instead of its defense. Whereas Golden State wins with their offense. It won’t be easy but if the Warriors can dictate the pace they have a shooters chance at winning this series. And with Steph Curry being that main “shooter” I like their chances.

That being said...

The Bet:

Spurs win series in 5 games +110

This the obvious favorite of this betting category. The Spurs should win both at home but there is no way they are winning both at the Oracle. If they steal one they are winning this series in 5. If the Warriors can get hot and ride that great home crowd then that opens the door for...

Bonus Bet:

Spurs win series in 6 games +1100

Spurs win series in 7 games +1500

I don’t think this series goes 7 but there is a lot of value there at 15-1 when Golden State has such a great home crowd. I think the Spurs win in 5 or 6 though. The Spurs are too good to lose all three road games in my opinion. Which means either the Spurs grab either Game 3 or 4 then close it out in 5 or the Warriors win both of those and then lose at home in Game 6. But I would play it safe and bet all three of these.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

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