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Remember... Betting on Football 

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It did not take long to remind me why I shouldn’t gamble on football. Obviously I’m kidding to a point, I’m a degenerate after all. But what a terrible weekend I had. From college football to NASCAR to golf, just an ugly week for this guy. While I usually do pretty well on Saturday before blowing it all on Sunday this week featured just one game on Sunday, where I did in fact blow what I had left, I really sucked on Saturday. Luckily it’s just Week 1 and there will be plenty of chances to make up for it. But let’s recap how bad of a weekend I actually had.


College Pickem



Three wins in a week will probably seem quite good but in my fantasy NASCAR league there are three of us so I won $10 for this week there, Golf has just AP3 and I so there’s $5 and then College Pickem is $25 for the year between AP3 and I, so I didn’t exactly make up for what you are about to read about with these three wins.


1. Central Michigan +31.5 @ Michigan  

   Result: Michigan 59 CMU 9  

There was no need to watch this game after about four minutes when Michigan blocked a punt and returned it for a touchdown. 31.5 didn’t seem like nearly enough points after that happened. CMU played about as bad as they could allowing Michigan to completely control the game from the opening kickoff.

2. Penn State - 8.5 vs Syracuse

   Result: PSU 23 Syracuse 17

PSU’s freshman QB really looked like a freshman. They couldn’t support him and it took far too long for them to look like the team they should be.

3. Mississippi State +11.5 vs Oklahoma State *In Houston

   Result: Oklahoma State 21 Mississippi State 3

Mississippi State looked great to open the game but the offense fell asleep after stalling late on an early drive. Then their starting quarterback got hurt and it was all downhill from there.

4. New Mexico State +43.5 @ Texas

   Result: Texas 56 NM St. 7

Can’t say I watched this one but it was one of three big underdogs that failed to cover for me.

5. Ohio +21 @ Louisville

   Result: Louisville 49 Ohio 7

Maybe Teddy Bridgewater isn’t overrated.

6. Nicholls State +58.5 @ Oregon

   Oregon 66 Nicholls State 3

I knew heading in that Oregon was obviously the superior team but they started out quickly and never let up. 58.5 points seems like it should be enough with any matchup but looking back on this one it feels like a rookie pick. Not sure what I was thinking.

7. Teaser of the Week…

   CMU +43.5

   Alabama -9

   Mississippi State +23.5

   UGA +9.5

While I would say three out of four isn’t too bad, it’s a teaser, it sucks, it’s a loss and I hate it.

8. Moneyline Special…

   Miss St. +350 @ OK St.

       Result: Ok St. 21 Miss St 3

9. Bet of the Week:

   UGA -2.5 @ Clemson

       Result: Clemson 38 Georgia 35

Aaron Murray’s future may not be that bright. Maybe he can’t win the big game. Georgia really disappointed me in this one.

10. Fantasy CFB with AP3

   Ka’Deem Carey ended up suspended so 0 points

   WR Dri Archer got hurt with 3/10 n 1 pt


Luckily this is only worth $25 for the year so there is plenty of time to make up for it.

I know I haven’t given you much reason to trust my picks from here on out, this week, but things can only get better from here. I vow to plow ahead and provide you with some winners to make up for this piss poor result in Week 1. It’s a long season and I hope I didn’t lose you already.


Monday, September, 2, 2013

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