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NHL Realignment

This is the proposal that has to be put to a vote, but things seem to be looking up.

Whether this is the proposal the finally gets put through or not, I think we can all agree this needs to happen. Winnipeg is currently playing against teams in the southeast on short rest. I can't believe they are currently tied for first in that division. In the proposed scenario they'd be right where they belong in Division 3. Which can't really be complained about. Colorado is the team they should be worried about voting this out. They are in a different time zone than everyone in the division, but ultimately it makes far more sense for it to be them than it is for Phoenix or Edmonton, who are in Division 4 aka the other half of the West. Which was mostly just academic. They mostly line the coast except for Edmonton which is the furthest away from real human life.

Division 2 is where my home town team resides. With four of the original six teams and then for some reason teams in Florida and it's named the Central, you have the strangest division on the board. I love the thought of the Red Wings coming to down three or four times a year. But why aren't the B's in the same division as the cities you can drive to in Division 1?...aka the East. How are the Bruins not in the same division as the Rangers? I get it there's really eleven teams that should be in one division and five in the other. But why not make one division of Washington, NY Islanders, New Jersey, Carolina, Florida, Tampa Bay, Columbus, Philadelphia and the other of Boston, NY Rangers, Pittsburgh, Ottawa, Montreal, Buffalo, Toronto, and Detroit. That makes more sense to me. Simple you take the three Canada teams toss in Buffalo, Boston, and Detroit. They you split the New York teams and the Pennsylvania teams. Plus doesn't it just feel like Washington, Carolina, Tampa Bay, and Florida should be in the same division?

Also, in the proposal is the schedule and playoff format. In the Eastern divisions, teams would play intraconference teams three times per season and five of the six intradivision teams five times a season. The sixth team within the division would be played four times. In the eight-team divisions, teams would play intraconference teams three times and intradivision teams either four or five times per season on a rotating basis. The top three teams in each conference would make the playoffs, then the top two remaining teams in the East (Conferences 1 & 2) / West (Conferences 3 & 4). Meaning five teams from one and only three from the other could possibly make the playoffs.

Friday, March 1, 2013

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