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NBA Finals Game 5 Thoughts 

Sunday 8pm on ABC

I am sort of stunned by the media’s reaction. Miami ties the series by winning Game 4 and now it seems like most everyone is handing the trophy to the Heat already. They have not even won back to back games in a month. Now all of a sudden everyone expects this to be over in six games?

Why is it so insane to think the Spurs could win at home tomorrow night and at the very least will have a chance to win a Game 7? Why is it a forgone conclusion that Miami found something special that puts this series totally out of reach for the Spurs?

I am well aware that Tony Parker is far from 100% and that he was their biggest advantage over the Heat. But the Heat have only shown small glimpses of the team they were in the regular season. In Game 4 they certainly got their act together and played a great second half. But to just assume they will play that good when they have looked mostly dysfunctional over the past two series is ludicrous to me.

The Spurs still have the size advantage and they still have guys that can shoot the lights out. Meanwhile they have gotten absolutely nothing from Manu Ginobili this series. If Wade can pull one out of his ass why can’t Manu?

Let’s not jump to conclusions with Wade. He obviously isn’t right. He finally burst onto the scene with his huge Game 4 performance but why does everyone expect to see more of that DWade when he has been a shell of himself this entire playoff run? Has everyone already forgot that in the first three games of this series he tallied just 43 points 13 assists and 4 rebounds? That’s an average of 14.3ppg 4.3apg and 1.3rpg. Now take a look at his averages through this entire playoffs... 15.1ppg 4.7apg and 4.4rpg. Now explain to me why I am supposed to think that just because his name is Dwayne Wade that he is more likely to replicate his Game 4 performance, 32 points 4 assists and 6 rebounds, than he is of replicating what he has done all playoffs long.

I am just baffled by how it is nearly unanimous that the Heat will roll off the next two and capture the NBA title without even giving the Spurs a shot. This isn’t the inexperienced Pacers team. This is a team led by the worlds best basketball coach and the four time champion Tim Duncan. Also for that matter this Heat team isn’t the ‘86 Celtics or the ‘96 Bulls, it’s a team that has more raw talent than the rest of the league. A team that is far from unbeatable... remember two years ago when they lost to the Mavs? If you think the Spurs are just going to roll over and die you are out of your mind. Do yourself a favor and bet the Spurs to win tomorrow night at +105 then sit back and smile as you watch everyone on ESPN lose their freaking minds.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

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