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2013 NBA Finals Preview 

Game 1 tonight 9pm ABC

What a matchup we have here. The star studded flashy favorite Miami Heat vs the old reliable experienced Spurs. This could be the end of an era as Tim Duncan could be playing the last professional basketball of his career.

Obviously the biggest advantage goes to the team with Lebron James. But once you start down the list there is a lot to like on the Spurs end.

First off the Heat have no answer for Parker or Duncan. Bosh is far too big a puss to check Duncan and Parker is obviously going to have his way with Mario Chalmers. The Heat might try and put Lebron on Parker for stretches but he is far too quick for Lebron. He might be able to get away with it if Parker loses track of him since we have all seen Lebron block many a shot from behind. But Parker is no fool he knows what he’s doing. If they put Lebron on him he will drive past him and look to dish to the open man or just get one of his quick shots up on the glass so at the very least Duncan and Splitter can get second chance points.

Speaking of Tiago Splitter, he needs to have a monster series for the Spurs to win. While all the focus will be geared towards Duncan down low, Splitter who is 6’11”, will be able to eat up whomever, if anyone, guards him.

The storyline you have probably heard the most of is also one of the most important. Does Kawhi Leonard have what it takes to check Lebron James on the biggest stage? It would not shock me in the least to see Lebron dominate this series at Kawhi’s expense but with the rest of the Heat not playing nearly as well as they should be, the odds are greater that he could fail at checking Lebron and the Spurs still win.

They have every advantage going into this series without the “we have Lebron” advantage. But as bad as the Heat have been I think it will be more than enough to beat Lebron again. All this talk about how he’s out to get revenge needs to stop. That’s just ESPN being ESPN. Of course he wants to avenge the loss but revenge isn’t the correct term when you were swept out of the Finals without being even competitive. However, revenge will be the correct term when it happens again.

My Pick: Spurs in 5

AP3's Pick: Spurs in 6 


Thursday, June 6, 2013

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