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Kings vs Sharks Preview 

Game 1, May 14, 10pm, NBCSN

Wow, what a night last night. We probably won’t see anything that spectacular for the rest of the playoffs. That being said there are still plenty of reasons to watch, including watching the champs defend their title against probably the best looking team in round one.

Best Bet:

Sharks +120 to win the series

The Sharks just have far more to prove. The Kings were starring a couple games in Anaheim in the face before getting a nice break in a home series against the Sharks. That being said the Sharks are a team filled with vets that have never won. The Sharks were founded in 1991 and have won six division titles (all since the 01-02 season). But they have never even won a conference title let alone a Stanley Cup. This could be their year. They have a netminder who is one of the best in hockey and an offense built to play like the great Red Wings teams of the past. They dismantled Vancouver, the only sweep of the first round, and may come out rusty in the first period but they will get on track and get this done. Without knowing Jonathan Quick is 100% healthy in net for the Kings makes it impossible for me to pick the Kings in this one.

Bonus Bets:

Sharks win in 6 games +475

The most logical close out game and Vegas agrees since it’s the favorite.

Sharks win in 4 games +1800

Why not bet this line? If you think the Sharks are going to win than there is a lot of value here. Tell me you couldn’t see them getting to an injured Quick early and often.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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