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Heat vs Bulls Preview 

Far and away the most lopsided matchup, odds wise. The Heat come in well rested as -3000 favorites and even despite the Bulls being 15-1 to win this series, I don’t know anyone jumping on that as a value bet.

Take this in the spirit it’s intended Bulls fans but Chicago’s only hope of winning this series lies with Derrick Rose. Without him the Bulls have shown an endless amount of heart. Despite being clearly out of gas for the last two months of the season they made the playoffs as the #5 seed and even knocked off the Nets in round one, on the road in a Game 7. And when you mention Deng missed Games 6 and 7 with an illness that also had Nate puking on the bench and Taj Gibson feeling under the weather, oh and that the Bulls best player is Noah whom has a tear in his foot, it becomes even more impressive.

But Miami is a whole new animal. They are just completely overmatched without Rose at this point. They are completely gassed. If Miami wants to they should be able to sweep this Bulls team. But if Rose were to come back it might energize the rest of the team enough to pull this off. But do you really think there is a better than 15-1 chance of Rose returning? Because I have already decided he is not coming back since he is too busy being a piece of shit.

I refuse to count out the Bulls though. They have proven they deserve our attention. There is no quit in them and they hate this Heat team. It reminds me of the Celtics series’ the past few years. No matter how overmatched the C’s were they always battled and gave Miami all they had. The Bulls are going to threaten the Heat even if the series only goes four games they will be four hard fought lower scoring battles.


Monday, May 6, 2013

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