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Who Will Be The First #1 Seed To Lose?

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Perhaps the most important question to ask yourself when filling out your bracket. 99.99% it comes down to match ups. But you can not get caught up just taking the top seeds because they are in fact a top seed. Especially this year, they are as likely to go down as anyone, at any time.



They really showed us what they are made of with that second half against Syracuse with the Big East title on the line. Louisville will not falter against a team that is not as good as them. But they can falter to the right team. But I do not see it happening until at least the Sweet 16. They could lose to St Louis and then they could lose to either Duke or Michigan State. Before we get to hasty let's look at who the others have.




The only reason they will not make the Final Four is if they draw VCU who happens to get hot shooting the ball. The Jayhawks are much bigger, stronger and deeper than VCU but given the right amount of havoc VCU can pull it off. Outside of them I am not sure I see a team to knock them off until they get to Atlanta.




Great road to the Elite Eight for this Hoosiers team. They were amongst the most consistent in an inconsistent year. They should be able to handle Syracuse no problem in the Sweet 16 leaving just Miami as a real threat in the East bracket.




Here is where things get dicey. The Zags have not really beaten anyone all year, especially not as of late. They beat whom they played yes, but all teams inside of a very weak conference. They have not played anyone as good as Kansas State or New Mexico, or even Ohio State for that matter.


In closing, I think three of the one seeds could lose in the Sweet 16. But the most likely of scenarios is that Gonzaga gets dropped first. Kansas State has a much better chance of unseating the top seed than VCU or St Louis do. Do yourself a favor and do not take the Zags to reach Atlanta under any circumstances.


Monday, March 18, 2013



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