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Upon Further Review... Mark Cuban Is A Genius

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People are giving Mark Cuban tons of shit for saying that he would consider drafting Baylor Women's hoops star Brittney Griner in the 2nd round of the NBA Draft. Well I think Cuban's comments are sheer genius.

Mark Cuban successfully opened up Pandora's Box by telling everyone he'd consider drafting Griner. Not only did it get everyone talking and thinking, it brought awesome press to Cuban and the Mavericks. The idea is just genius.


Here's why:


  1. People will watch


Remember how big it was when Danica started driving in NASCAR? Double it. This would be the first time in any of the 4 Major sports had a woman play.


  1. Support from Women


The NBA loves equality. This will not only strengthen NBA ratings, but WNBA ratings too. It would also get women to support a macho man's game as they would consider themselves equals.


  1. Money Money Money


Of course this all comes back to making a buck. Griner jerseys and Tshirts will be sold out everywhere. Women will have someone on their side to root for at games and that means they'll be wearing anything Griner does.


  1. She will be the only woman to play in the NBA


This one is my personal favorite. Anyone and everyone in the NBA will go out of there way to dunk on her. That's if she gets any minutes. There's no way she survives the first LeBron freight train coming down the lane on her. She's built like a toothpick and will probably be done for the season with one hard foul. Brittney Griner's not built for the NBA and if she ever did get he shot, she would be the last woman to for a long long time.



Thursday, April 4, 2013


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