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The Fives: The 2015 Super Bowl

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I think that almost everyone can agree with me when I say the Super Bowl is one of the most entertaining sporting events of the year. It’s the most popular American sport, and It is a single game championship. Sure, I love the best of 7 playoff series as much as the next guy, but there is something about the do or die format that just makes a game that much more exciting. But even if the game gets boring due to a blowout (thanks 2014 Broncos), or you can’t stand either team involved, there is still plenty of reason to enjoy Super Bowl Sunday. Below I have listed 5 things that, regardless of the actual on field performance, will make this Sunday worth the hype.


5) The Food

I never understood why people act like Thanksgiving is the best eating day of the year. Thanksgiving doesn’t come close to the Super Bowl spread. I mean, why would you settle for turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing when the tailgate offers such better variety! I’m talking wings, I’m talking calzones, I’m talking buff chicken dip, and I’m talking giant subs. Chips and dips baby! I’m telling you, this is what fat kids like me dream about!

Honorable Mention: If you don’t live in New England this won’t make sense to you, but the ultimate fat kid Super Bowl move? The Phantom Gourmet marathon! 7 straight hours of the best restaurants in the area. Sure, you may be staying in for the game, but it’s never to early to start planning for following weekends out.


4) Katie Perry

Normally I’m anti-half time show. The artists don’t interest me, and I think it takes too long. But this year is different. I’m all in on Katie Perry. Can’t help but love her music. Does it help that she’s an attractive girl? I suppose it’s possible, I really can’t say because I don’t live in a world of hypotheticals. But what I CAN say is that if Katy breaks out ROAR or Firework your boy Big Country is going to jamming along. Then you throw in a little Lenny, and we have the best half time show since U2 without a single not being sung.


3) The Commercials

Alright, I acknowledge that putting Commercials and Katy Perry back to back may make this list a little similar to your teenage sisters, but I’m a sports fan, I promise (go Dirty Birds), But you can’t honestly tell me you don’t enjoy the commercials. Whether they are tear jerkers like the Budweiser dogs, inspiring like the Eminem Chrysler commercial, or just plan funny like last year’s 80’s Radio Shack, the Super Bowl commercials always are top notch.


2) Drinking Games

I think I can speak for almost everyone when I say football is better with beer. That’s just a fact. So to make the game a little more interesting, especially if you don’t have a vested interest in it, it’s fun to add a drinking game to it. Basically, you set a few standard rules and it just makes the game a little more interesting. A few examples:

Drink the entire time they show a highlight from a past Super Bowl (each team has been recently enough that you should get a few)

Take a sip any time they mention deflategate

Take a sip any time they mention “the 12th man”

Take a sip any time they mention a player’s previous team (college or NFL)

There are 100s of these scenarios you can come up with, and it’s just a fun twist for when a game might not be as exciting as one hoped


1) Prop Bets

Take my first sentence about drinking games and substitute beer with gambling (obviously for entertainment purposes only). Both are true. But betting on the game alone can be a little boring. Maybe one bet isn’t enough to keep your attention, or maybe you just don’t want to wait till the game is over to see if you win. That is where prop bets come into play. Some of them can involve no football knowledge (how long the National Anthem goes for, what color Gatorade will the winning coach get dumped on him, what will be the coin flip result) while some can be football related (yards thrown for by a QB, will there be a safety, who will score first). I believe AP3 will be putting out his props, but if he doesn’t maybe I will put something together for you guys.


So there you have it, 5 ways to enjoy the Super Bowl in case we have a game like last year. Hope you enjoyed, and as always follow me @michaelrooney26



Big Country

Friday, January 30, 2015 

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