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NBA MVP Race 3/9/13


It seems like it took winning a championship but Lebron is finally playing the way he should have been his whole career. It also helps having Dwayne Wade who's been back to playing great lately. But could someone actually uproot Lebron's 2012-13 MVP campaign thus far?


5. Paul Pierce


Since Rondo went down Paul Pierce has manned up for this Celtics team. He has stepped up his production, quite a bit. After the All-Star break, he's averaging nearly 20 a game with seven rebounds and six assists a night, helping the Celtics to a 6-3 record since the break, including five straight wins in which they showed they will never quit and they shouldn't ever be doubted. Pierce brings a lot of that to the court every night. He can catch fire and be unguardable at times and those times are happening more and more frequently. I think Paul Pierce is going to have one of the best second halves to a season of his career and this Celtics team is going to be scaring some people come June.


4. Tony Parker


It's a shame he got hurt. He actually had a shot at knocking off Lebron in my eyes. The Spurs lost by 30 points at home to the Blazers last night. You think that would have happened with a healthy Tony Parker? I think not.


3. Chris Paul


His numbers make you want to knock him down a notch, since they're sort of disappointing for a guy with his talent, but the Clippers are 24 games above .500 because of him and only him. Without Paul they might make the playoffs but they're no better than a 7 seed. His personality, his hunger to win flows through the team. He is their offense for the most part, and the culture he has crafted in the locker room has helped out the defense. That's the reason they're a title threat. Because Chris Paul could will them there.


2. Kevin Durant


Kevin has sort of disappointed me this year so far. He's great and all but he doesn't even feel like he's on the level he was last year let alone take a step forward. He might not get to 29ppg never-mind 30, but in the end the Thunder are 30 games over .500. Durant's true test comes in the playoffs. But he certainly didn't have win MVP as a goal this off-season.


1. Lebron James


The obvious winner this year. It's not even close. He's fourth in points per game, eleventh in assists per game, and 23rd in rebounds per game. That's not the half of it. There are still times when he's a little too passive. Allowing other guys to create when he should be the one with the ball in his hands, making the play happen. His numbers and overall game could still be better, but he's finally playing as well as we had hoped he would. It took far too long but finally he seems to have grown up a bit. He should have owned this league basically since he joined it, but it took far too long and maybe winning that title unleashed him. Because let me promise you there is no beating Lebron James and the Miami Heat this year. There is no doubt in my mind they are winning the title this year. Lebron finally is the standout best player in the league, there's no team that can stop him four times out of seven this year.



Saturday, March, 9, 2013



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