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Michigan vs Syracuse Preview

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In the second Final Four game we will be treated to possibly the best game of the tournament. These two teams match up well with one another in certain ways which could lead to an epic win.

Michigan –1.5 vs Syracuse 8:49pm

The case for Michigan:


Michigan has an abundance of guys that can get hot from the outside. They are going to need to knock down threes to beat this zone of Syracuse. But they need freshman Mitch McGary to hold his own down low. In the tournament he has averaged 17.5ppg in just under 30 minutes a game after averaging just 7.4ppg in 19 minutes a night during the regular season. The 6'10 McGary needs to assert himself down low to help break that zone.


As much as I have talked about how I dislike Trey Burke's game he has all the tools to break this defense. He has headed an offense that turns the ball over the fewest in the nation this year only 9.4 a game and he has the control to break through the first two defenders of the zone and make a nice pass to a cutting man.


We need to see Trey Burke in the paint a lot to see Michigan win. We have seen he has the will to carry this team. They may need him again if they can't get hot from beyond the arc.


The case for Syracuse:


That zone has been other worldly in the tournament this year. Syracuse has held opponents to just 28.9% shooting from the field including just 15.4% from beyond the arc. That has turned into allowing just 45.75 points per game including holding Marquette to just 39 in the Elite Eight.


Also, Trey Burke is due to shoot Michigan out of a game. He has been hit or miss all year long. He is overdue to shoot them out of one. This feels like it may be the one. He needs to be in the lane passing the ball to an open man. If he forces up bad shots Michigan will struggle to gain any momentum on the offensive end.


The Bet: Syracuse +105 and over 129.5


Syracuse is playing outstanding defense and seems to be the deeper team with more size and athleticism. This should be a great game and could be an up and down game at times. This should be a close one but I think that Trey Burke is due to blow one of these. Or least just not win one.



Saturday, April 6, 2013



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