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Bruins vs Maple Leafs Preview 

Game 1 Wednesday 7pm

Wow are the Bruins struggling. They needed just two points in their final two games to secure the #2 seed and home ice for the first two rounds guaranteed yet choked. They blew a 2-0 third period lead to the Capitals on Friday and then choked against the Senators last night. The Maple Leafs have been mediocre at best recently but did enough to secure the #5 seed and now draw a Bruins team that used to dominate them. But more recently they have excelled against.

As much as it pains me... yes we should, they are DONE. For the majority of the first half of the season they looked like the best team in the NHL. Since then the rest of the NHL has caught up skill wise as the Bruins started to struggle and continued to struggle. They can’t score anymore and they don’t play defense with the same intensity. The only thing the Bruins might have going for them is their dominance of Toronto. They beat them three out of four this year and dating back to the Phil Kessel trade they have been just about perfect.

The Bet:

Toronto +175 to win the series

I can see it now. Phil Kessel leads the Leafs over the rival Bruins by scoring about 10 goals in the series. The Maple Leafs are far from a great team but the Bruins have been that bad as of late. It would stun most Bruins fans to lose to the Maple Leafs and that is why it will happen. Nobody believes in the Maple Leafs. This smells like an upset.

Bonus Bets:

Maple Leafs wins the series in 5 games 15-1

Absolutely insane odds to me. After watching the Bruins all year I can not envision a scenario that has the Bruins winning two games. Yes they are far superior on paper, but they have no flow, no rhythm. They suck right now. This at 15-1 is the best value of any bet you can make in the first round.


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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