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Best Of The South Region

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Quite a strange set of odds there. The favorite is a #3 seed that nobody should have confidence in. Let's see how it will play out.  


Wow is Florida overvalued. I can not wait till they bust a whole bunch of brackets. In fact I think they might even lose in the first round. Whoever made these odds must have not watched any of Florida's games this year. Or any SEC game this year for that matter. They might have only fielded one team, Florida, if they did not blow the conference championship game to Ole Miss.


You have probably heard a bunch about their great defense...who did they stop? Or even slow down? Nobody. They beat Wisconsin and Marquette. Two of the teams that overrated has popped up around the most these past few days.


Northwestern State played well with their backs up against the wall in the Southland championship. They beat the #1 defense in the country in Stephen F. Austin. They themselves are the #1 offense in the nation. They can get hot and run with Florida. It just depends on how many bounces are going the Gators way. That really goes for the first two rounds for them.


That is until they meet the Georgetown Hoyas in the Sweet 16. Florida has absolutely no one that can check Otto Porter. He is going to wreck the Gators if they even get there. Never mind their suffocating defense, that will just slowly choke Florida out. That is Georgetown's ticket to the Elite Eight and maybe beyond.


Who will meet them there? That seems to depend on what happens early on in this tournament. The simple answer is Kansas. They have by far the most complete team in the region and should earn a Final Four bid in Atlanta when it is said and done. But should they draw VCU in the Sweet 16, not by any means farfetched, they could go down.


Kansas is going to be rooting on Akron and Michigan/South Dakota State as hard as they will be pulling for themselves in the first two rounds.


Akron can not beat VCU. They just lost their point guard and that spells HAVOC. Then VCU will square off either against Michigan in Auburn Hills, or South Dakota State who has one of if not the best point guards in the game. Both of those match ups are going to be difficult for VCU. To be honest I think South Dakota State has a better chance of knocking them off.


Even if we say VCU gets their shot at Kansas, can they actually pull off the upset?


VCU thrives vs teams that struggle handling the ball. Kansas does not have a point guard. So as far as that goes, I don't see why they can't. But if they use their size to bang the glass, and take care of the ball reasonably well VCU will struggle to score. In a half court set the size of Kansas will smother anything VCU has to offer. So provided they do not get hot from deep we should get the Kansas/Georgetown match up we all should want.


Who wins that one? Kansas their size and depth is too much for Georgetown to overcome.



Wednesday, March 20, 2013




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