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Best of the 2013-14 NBA Schedule 

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With the NHL sneaking up on me I decided to get a head start on the NBA previews because it will be here before we realize. We are just three weeks out. Get ready it’s almost time for some hoop.

Tuesday, October 29

Pacers vs Magic 7:00pm

Heat vs Bulls 8:00pm

Lakers vs Clippers 10:30pm

Opening night kicks off with a triple header. Unfortunately only one of them will be competitive. But with Derrick Rose finally returning to play on the night the Heat will raise their next banner, it should be a great night for hoop.

Wednesday, October 30

Cavs vs Nets 7:00pm

Rockets vs Bobcats 8:00pm

Pelicans vs Pacers 8:00pm

Spurs vs Grizzlies 8:30pm

Night two of the season we are treated to the new Nets, the new Rockets, the Pelicans first home game and a battle between the Spurs and Grizzlies. I think every hoops fan is excited to see how well the Nets and Rockets will gel and they are definitely excited for a nice early season battle between two of the best in the West.

Thursday, October 31

Bulls vs Knicks 8:00pm

Derrick Rose will return at home in the first big test for Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks. Can the Knicks follow up last year’s great season with another? Or will their flaws shine through?

Friday, November 1

Heat vs Nets 8:00pm

Here’s maybe the early season matchup I am most excited for. Can the Nets play together well enough to compete with Lebron and the Heat? We are going to see what the contenders in the East have real early this year.

Saturday, November 16

Clippers vs Nets 10:30pm

Doc Rivers takes on Paul Pierce and KG as these two title contenders get it on. Can Doc turn the Clippers around and help them take the next step?

Wed/Fri November, 20 and 22

Atlanta vs Detroit (home and home)

Josh Smith plays his first games against the Hawks in a home and home. The Pistons might just be a frisky sleeper in the East.

Sunday, November 24

Clippers vs Bulls

All these great games in the first month. Two of the best point guards in the world square off in what could be a finals preview.

Tuesday, December 10

Heat vs Pacers 7:00pm

Nets vs Celtics 7:30pm

A rare nice Tuesday. We have a rematch of the Eastern Conference Finals as well as the first game Paul Pierce will play against the Boston Celtics.

Wednesday, December 11

Celtics vs Clippers 7:30pm

Just one night after seeing Paul Pierce playing against the Celtics, Doc Rivers will be in the Boston Garden in his first game against his former club.

Wednesday, December 25

Nets vs Bulls 12:00pm

Knicks vs Thunder 2:30pm

Lakers vs Heat 5:00pm

Spurs vs Rockets 8:00pm

Warriors vs Clippers 10:30pm

Christmas will feature five games, four of which should be great (Lakers playing on Christmas this year is a joke, just like it would be if the Celtics were playing). But the other four are top notch matchups that should provide quite a bit of entertainment in between eating, drinking and presents.

Sunday, December 29

Thunder vs Rockets 7:00pm

James Harden will once again return to face off against his old club but this time will have the help of Dwight Howard by his side. Also, we get another Howard/Perkins battle. Great Sunday night game, on a Sunday night that will be without NFL football.

Sunday, January 26

Heat vs Spurs 1:00pm

Celtics vs Nets 6:30pm

Another great Sunday features an NBA Finals rematch and Paul Pierce’s first game back in Boston. I’m sad already.

Friday, January 27

Celtics vs Lakers 7:30pm

Speaking of sad, this is going to be a far cry from what we have grown used to from these two teams.

Wednesday, January 29

Thunder vs Heat 7:00pm

A rematch of the 2011 finals and a possible finals preview, if Durant can take that next step, or if they can find a third scorer. Not that Miami is a shoo in. They already have more competition, in the East, than they have had each of the past two seasons.

February 14-17

All Star Weekend in New Orleans.

Friday, March 21/Monday March 24

Pacers vs Bulls 8:00pm

As the season begins to wind down, these two teams play a home and home late in March that could wind up deciding the division.

Friday, April 4

Rockets vs Thunder 9:30pm

There won’t be a division on the line between these two teams, but this late matchup could make a big difference in the playoff picture.

Tuesday, April 8

Heat vs Nets 8:00pm

These two teams could be competing for a top seed in the East at this point and you know each would like to have the home court advantage if they were to meet in the actual playoffs.

Tuesday, April 15

Nets vs Knicks 8:00pm

These April games can be extremely important or completely meaningless. This one along with their meeting at MSG on April 2nd could decide the Atlantic division.

Saturday, April 19

Playoffs begin.


Sunday, October 6, 2013

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