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2013 NBA Point Guard Preview 

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As we move closer the opening tip of the 2013-14 NBA season it’s time we take a look at some of the best point guards in the NBA and where they rank going into the upcoming season. This may be the most loaded position in the game right now, making it awfully difficult to rank.

Honorable Mention. Rajon Rondo

There can’t be a list of the best point guards without mentioning Rondo. The problem is that between him coming off of knee surgery and the current state of the Celtics who knows what to expect. I could see the team bringing him back at a reasonable date to showcase him before trading Rondo. I could also see them holding him out for longer than expected to tank a bit before bringing him back to be the teams next leader. I think Rondo wants to be “the guy”, but I’m not too sure that’s the best thing for the team and I don’t know if GM Danny Ainge thinks so either.

15. Kemba Walker

I expect Kemba and the Bobcats to take a big step forward this year. They have cleared the guard spot to allow Kemba to run the offense. Now that they have brought in another solid player in Al Jefferson, he has someone to play off of. That could end up being a devastating pick and roll duo.

14. Mike Conley

Heading into his 7th NBA season this kid is still getting better. He just turned 26 a couple of days ago and is going to have to take over a bigger role for this Grizzlies team. They aren’t the deepest of teams and rely on playing tough defense. He can guard most other teams ball handlers rather well but where they need him more is on the offensive end. Last year he raised his scoring average and will need to do so this year as well as his assist numbers if the Grizzlies want to make another run.

13. Jrue Holiday

Think the Sixers are playing for this draft? They gave up on their 23 year old point guard that has only gotten better with each season. Last year all he did was average 17.7ppg and 8.0apg while playing with a bunch of bums. Now he gets to play with a young up and coming team. He should take another step forward once he gets used to playing with his new teammates, knowing he may not have to do everything, which could take some time.

12. Ty Lawson

Another young point guard that has consistently gotten better with each season. The 25 year old guard is entering his 5th season, all with the Nuggets, and has averaged better than 16 and 6 in each of the past two seasons. As per usual this team is going to get out and run and Lawson’s speed is probably his greatest strength. If the Nuggets can stay healthy, Lawson should take another step forward.

11. Damian Lillard

His supporting cast is sort of frisky but the problem for the Blazers is their depth. I’m not sure how much of a leap forward this kid is going to take in his second year. He is going to have to lead that team, and I think we may see a bit of a sophomore slump. However if he can just replicate what he did last year, he is well on his way to having a nice career.

10. Brandon Jennings

I like Jennings and I really like his new situation. Giving him a supporting cast should help him out. He should turn into more of a facilitator and less of a guy who realizes that everyone around him sucks so he has to force shots up. He has never played with players of Josh Smith’s caliber and the young big man duo of Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond create quite an enticing frontcourt.

9. Russell Westbrook

Obviously, the only reason he is this low is because of the knee injury that should hold him out the first 4-6 weeks of the season. That first month should be really interesting to see how well that Thunder team can hang on with only one guy that can consistently score points. If he were 100% healthy heading into this season he might have just nabbed the #1 spot.

8. Tony Parker

I know it seems like this guy is old, but he is only going to be turning 32 this season and is coming off of probably his best season to date. After a long year last year, the Spurs are going to rely much more on Parker to carry them and he may have a new best friend this year in Kawhi Leonard. If the Spurs want to return to the Finals, those are the two guys that are going to have to get them there.

7. Ricky Rubio

The only thing holding Rubio back is his ability to knock down shots. But this kid is only 22 years old and is a bit of a wizard with the ball. Provided his teammates can stay healthy, he is going to find a lot of success this season. He may have a few games with Rondo-esk assist totals.

6. John Wall

Wall has been talking about big things for the Wiz this year, playoff kind of big things. Of course he has to believe that, but he couldn’t be more wrong. This team is not a good basketball team. The only thing that keeps them competitive is Wall himself. His athleticism alone makes him a great point guard and capable of carrying a load for a decent team, just not a playoff team. Not without some help.

5. Deron Williams

I’m not completely sure what to expect out of him this year. He could make this team a title contender and he could derail it. If he couldn’t get along with coach Jerry Sloan, I’m not sure how well he is going to take shit from Jason Kidd. You know Kidd, knows the PG position and he may harp on DWill quite a bit and I don’t think DWill is going to like that very much.

4. Derrick Rose

I am a little nervous about this Bulls team, at least early on in the season. They had to run a different offense last year without Rose, and now they will have to switch back to a similar version of what they used to do now that he’s back. The Bulls may be the most well coached team in the NBA, but constant changing of styles especially when you are going to be running things through a guy who hasn’t played in well over a year, it may be rather ugly early. We may see the worst of Derrick Rose early in this season, but the worst Rose has to offer is still better than the best most other guys have in them.

3. Steph Curry

With the addition of Iguodala and the subtraction of Jarrett Jack, Steph Curry is going to have to handle the ball a lot more this year. He will be starting at the point guard spot for the Warriors this year who have a chance to be great. They are one of the most fun teams to watch, and Curry has a chance to become elite and really have another record breaking season.

2. Kyrie Irving

Last year, Kyrie was playing with almost nobody this year he suddenly has a really good team around him. If the Cavs can stay healthy this may be your 2013-14 NBA MVP and we may be talking about their chances to win their division and maybe more.

1. Chris Paul

I couldn’t knock CP3 from his perch for a still young and not completely proven player, even though I don’t like this Clippers team surrounding Paul. They will go as far as he can take them. He is a perennial MVP candidate and should be once again this year. He has earned this ranking at least for now, but there are a lot of guys right on his heels.


Monday, October 14, 2013

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