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2013 Kobalt Tools 400 In Vegas

With qualifying rained out we resort to the 2012 final standings for the starting grid. That means Brad Keselowski will take the pole with Clint Bowyer also starting on the front row. Just to refresh you Jimmie Johnson will start 3rd, recently fined, Denny Hamlin starts sixth, Tony Stewart 10th, and Dale Jr 12th. Tony won this race last year and finished second the Carl Edwards the year before. Given the fact that Tony is on my best bets section nearly 100% of the time you'd obviously expect him now.

Best Bets

Tony Stewart 10-1

Well you are right. But I mean come on he's frigen 10-1! That's insane. A guy that has clearly brought his A game, as usual, to this current racing season. A guy that has finished 1st and 2nd in the past two years in this race. 10 to 1 is absolutely insane value especially for a guy starting inside the top 10. If you bet this race and don't bet Tony, you have a gambling problem. Because any sane gambler would want to place smart money on the board. Tony is smart money. He's not my pick to win this week, but he's as smart as money can get this week.

Kyle Busch 8-1

Kurt Busch 65-1

One is a great value bet, and one is just too good to not be winning. I think that both of the Busch brothers either win or wreck out and neither of them are my pick to win this week so that probably lets you know how I feel. But smart money is always a win in my book.

If you bet someone that competes for a win at the end of a race yet doesn't win, you should consider it at least half a victory. At the very least it brought you some excitement. This goes for all bets and all things really. I know way too many idiots that I talk into playing the odds, have the odds... but then when they lose they attack you. Like when my cousin felt like she had a lump somewhere, she thought cancer, probably because we had some recent cancer in the family, said she would go see the doctor about it, until I said don't bother it's nothing. You clearly just bumped your leg it's not exactly abnormal just forget about it and save the time on your life. Now if I'm wrong I'm an asshole, but when I'm right about not needing to go to the doctor I'm saving you a normal days work where you don't lose two hours of your time. People need to stop freaking out about things and stop thinking they constantly need to go to the ER. Stop being such a hypochondriac/stop trying to garner attention you douchebag. You didn't break your leg, you merely walked into something like the out of tune moron that you are.

Oops, tangent, anyways if you make a bet and that guy provides some excitement at the end win or lose its a winning bet. Don't get caught up in the results, playing the odds is almost always the way to go.

Mark Martin 25-1

I really want him to grab another win. But I'm not entirely sure he has it in him anymore. He has lead plenty of good races in his elder year but it has been 106 races since he has seen victory lane, I just counted. He has competed in quite a few especially when he actually made a championship run with Hendrick in 2009, when he brought the title race down to just him and teammate Jimmie Johnson, to the final race at Homestead-Miami. He last won in Loudon, and since then he seems to have lost that killer instinct. I have some sort of gut instinct that he is going to regain it this week. Mark Martin might be going to victory lane this week. At 25-1 you'll be glad to have him.

Marcos Ambrose 80-1

I am FAR shy of picking him 80 times at 80-1 so trust me when I say he has great value. One of these weeks everything is going to click for that #9 team. He has finished 13th and 4th in the past two years in this race, so he hasn't been too far off. Since he finished 18th in the points last year that is where he will be starting come Sunday.  You might not hear from him all race, but expect a top 10 from this team, which means at least an outside shot. Great for an 80-1 shot. Not to mention he was third fastest in practice. He will be starting 15th, and should be in the thick of things mid Sunday.

Jimmie Johnson 5-1

He's starting in an all Hendrick row two, with Kasey Kahne. He has won here four times, including from exactly third in 2006. Not to mention Jimmie was second fastest in practice this week. He is first in points and there's no need to do a power rankings this week because he's a clear cut #1. A one race winless streak is long enough for the #48 crew. I've said it once I'll say it 1,00 times, when you have the best crew chief on the planet, you have an advantage, especially when you are dealing with a new car. When you pair that with a top 5 driving talent you have an unstoppable force. Jimmie is going to win the title this year, without a fraction of doubt. Just try and pick and choose when you bet him to try and garner the best odds for the ship. As far as this week goes, only one person can pay out, it's the #48. Lock it up.

Also, the fact that there are no real NASCAR video games out there is a disgrace. I loved buying the NASCAR games. Now the most recent game comes out at the very end of last season? What the hell planet is this? Who okay'd that? Did they just say, hey this is a great Chase lets push it up and forget about the fact that drivers would change teams? Maybe there is an update I don't know about? I highly doubt it, it's always been the black sheep video game. They never pay any attention to it.

Is black sheep racist now? I'm 100,000%, that's a lot, against people crying race over something someone says when there isn't hate in their heart. There certainly are cases of racism in this country, but not nearly as often as everyone proclaims. Tony Dungy is an idiot. But black sheep seems like it should be racist by now. Maybe I missed the media frenzy on this one, or maybe it's not use enough. But the fact that the black sheep of all sheep is shunned feels sort of racist. But it is one of those phrases we have lost, like chink it in there, or nigger-rig. These phrases have become "racist". I just feel like they're phrases. In other words they carry no racist weight to me. So I feel like I should be able to use them. I feel like if there's no hate in what you are saying, then you shouldn't be attacked. So much for NASCAR but at least now when rednecks type "NASCAR" or "nigger" into Google I'll get a hit.

I won't end it just yet, Denny Hamlin has some beef with NASCAR bronze.




Can you pick out what seems to have cost Denny Hamlin $25k? I watched it twice and I'm still not entirely sure. Apparently he criticized the Gen-6 car, so he deserves a $25k fine? Look at the NHL. There is a lot of push from the league to mandate visors. After Marc Staal took a puck to the face there's a lot of push. But the players union just consistantly laughs at it. So why doesn't every NHL player that is part of the union get fined $25k for complaining about equipment? Exactly. You have gone over the top NASCAR, do the right thing and drop the fine in the appeal.


Friday, March 8, 2013

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