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Just Your Average 2013 College Hoops Week

I can't remember a college hoops regular season quite like this one. Today Indiana held its position as #1 in the country despite losing to an unranked Illinois team. Miami is even good, they're never good. Lot's of wacky things are going on this season. 

Last Week's #1 Indiana lost @ Illinois on a buzzer beater worth watching again...

Somehow Indiana still sits atop the polls as #1, thanks to quite a bit of help. #2 Florida lost @ Arkansas by 11, they're now ranked #7 . #3 Michigan lost @ Wisconsin by three in overtime you've seen the highlights but let's watch it once more...

Michigan has now fallen to #4. #5 Kansas lost twice, once @ TCU by seven and the other @ Oklahoma by six. Now they come in at #14. #7 Arizona lost at home to California by eight bumping them back to #9. Also it should be mentioned that Duke barely beat Boston College overcoming a deficit to win by just one which is probably why they came in at #2 this week, giving Indiana the top spot even after losing. And then of course the 5ot game was rather insane. 

Who survived this week? Duke barely, Indiana apparently, Miami U coming in at #3, Michigan is still #4, and Gonzaga comes in at #5 now. If there's been one trend this year it's those teams are most likely to lose.

So who is going to lose? Indiana has home games vs Nebraska and Purdue this week. While certainly it's possible I think they go 2-0 this time around. Duke plays rival UNC at home and @ Maryland. UNC is always tough but home court and the better team they should go 2-0 as well. Miami has a pair of road games, but vs mediocre teams at best, in Florida State and Clemson.

Michigan is the prime target for a loss. They have to go into #8 Michigan State's gym and attempt to slow down Tom Izzo's crew. They aren't winning that one.

#5 Gonzaga doesn't have any ranked games this week but they have to travel to St Mary's where the Spiders boast a 21-4 record and are very underrated. They should give the Zags all they can handle.

#7 Florida has newly ranked #25 Kentucky in a game that Kentucky is going to be trying to prove something. I believe they will have enough to handle Florida.

#10 Kansas State plays in rival KU's building where the Jayhawks are looking to avoid a 4th straight loss. There's no way Kansas is going to loses four straight. They may be slumping but they're too good for that, and Kansas State is due for a loss anyways.

So look for Michigan, Gonzaga, Florida, and Kansas State to lose from within the top 10 this week, continuing another crazy week in college hoops this year.

Monday, February 11, 2013

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