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Daytona 500 2013 Preview

We are almost there. I can smell the burnt rubber and spent fuel from here. With Danica leading the pack to the first green flag of the Great American Race we will hear the phrase "Danica sits on the pole" we can all chuckle and then watch her wreck at some point.

These Gen 6 cars seem to tough to get used to. There is clearly a bit of a learning curve. These guys are driving the shit out of them because there hasn't been much on the line and because they're dying to get back in the car after the off season. That being said they aren't trying to tear up race cars, they aren't exactly cheap. But whether its practice or a competitive race they can't seem to stay off of each other for very long. It's going to be one hell of a Daytona 500.

One problem I wanted to discuss are these start and park cars. Enough already. I get it you don't have funding so you try and limp out there get a few eyeballs on your ride as well as a bit of experience and then right to the garage they go. 43 cars typically take the green flag to start the race but come lap 20 we are usually down to about 35 cars. Sure that's plenty to put on a good show but if your a guy competing for a title these teams shouldn't be basically handing out extra points to you. Instead of finishing last like you should if you wreck early on you could grab an extra 10 points because of these guys.

Then there's guys like the FAS Racing #32 team Terry Labonte drove for in the Sprint Unlimited. After just two laps he parked his car claiming a "vibration". Also known as this is our Daytona car we can't mark it up or wear out the tires we don't have the funding. But watch come this Sunday when he parks his ass on the sidelines again.

It's absurd to me that team owners think they're going to get sponsorship any other way than good racing. Why would someone want to sponsor a team that quits in a fan first race? There are a select few in that race and they chose to say "fuck you" to the fans and sit that one out. Nobody wants to sponsor that guy. In fact I would argue there's more people like me rooting for that team to fail this year than there are sponsors gained by this instance or any start and park asshole.

NASCAR needs to do something about these guys. Either you should have the intention to race for a win or don't bother showing up.

This never would have happened back in the day. Before our society had evolved to what it is now these teams would be saving up all the money they can to race in one race hoping to win to be able to try it again the next week. Now these guys are entitled to a start with no intentions of trying to put on a show. Enough's enough NASCAR.

More importantly we are here to discuss what we have all been waiting for, the Daytona 500. Kevin Harvick enters currently unbeaten on the year while Kyle Busch also got a Bud Duel win on Thursday.

There's two schools of thought as far as who is going to win this year. One, you take the best drivers and assume that the most skilled drivers will be able to handle this new car better than the rest of the field. The other is to just roll with the long shots and figure anybody can win so let me get the best value. I think there's merit in both thoughts, but you need to spear some coin out at this race if you want to win.

Best Bets

Kevin Harvick 9-1

Two races two wins on the year is hard to argue against. He's one of the best drivers there are and he's one of the best at navigating his way through the Daytona field. He's starting third so he should be up the front for most of the day.

Jimmie Johnson 10-1

Not so sure he wins but you might not see 10-1 for the #48 until the next restrictor plate race. As much as I've talked up driving skill, and Jimmie has plenty of it, this pick is more based on them having Chas Knaus, the best crew chief in the sport by FAR. I'm sure he has already learned this new car inside and out.

Denny Hamlin 15-1

To be honest I think Denny wrecks late. But 15-1 is great value for him. He's a top five driving skill wise so I think if you have money on him he'll be around late and give you a shot at winning. If he leads with 3 laps left and then wrecks I'd say its a winning bet since at least he gave you some hope/excitement.

Joey Logs 30-1

Solid long shot odds for this super talent kid. JGR really just have up on him. He's going to want to prove himself and what better place than Daytona?

Marcos Ambrose 40-1

$10 nets you four bills on Marcos. He knows his way around a race car and is much more knowledgable than a lot of the other drivers. Mostly known for his road course racing also kills it on most short tracks and these Superspeedways. If he can get himself better at the 1.5 mile tracks he'd be a title contender. Those we won't have to wait too much longer for but right now 40-1 is great odds to see Marcos in victory lane on Sunday night.

Aric Almirola 70-1

Here's a guy you don't think much of before the race but seems to find himself inside the top 10 a lot of the times. 70-1 for a guy who's at least going to race his ass off and probably hover inside the top 10 is all you can ask for in a bet.

Tony Stewart 8-1

The best driver there is and the best at these types of races. 8-1 isn't very good for someone starting in the danger zone (15th) but only one guy can win and he is my pick. This is where I wish somebody had live NASCAR betting because Tony is going straight to the back early to try and avoid the big one that's coming and it's going to come quickly. You might not hear much from him for the first 300-400 miles but the last 100-200 he will make a lot of noise including taking the checkered flag in the Great American Race 2013.

Friday, February 22, 2013

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