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Best 2014 NBA Rookies

With Nerlens Noel going down there are exactly zero certainties in this years NBA Draft. So lets try and figure out who the 10 best rookies we be next year.

Ben McLemore

The consensus number one now that Noel blew out his knee. This kid could go either way. He could be a perennial all star or he could flame out. He has the talent and build but does he have the drive? When Kansas wins its usually thanks to him dominating but when they lose its usually because he has disappeared. The NCAA tourney will be a good measuring stick for how good he will be his rookie season, but regardless he's worthy of going number one. He is a freshman he just needs to grow up a little bit. That will come, as will the all star appearances.

Cody Zeller

Wow that video is funny bad. Cody was thought to be the best player going into this season. I'm not sold on him at all. He will be a serviceable big in the NBA if he can get a bigger and stronger, but I can't see a scenario in which anyone is afraid of him on the NBA level. But this is a weak draft so he's somewhere in the top 10.

Nerlens Noel

The biggest question mark there is now. Thought to be the top pick in the draft before the knee injury now who knows. He could return to Kentucky to rebuild his knee but there's a chance he flames out. If he goes to the draft this year someone will draft him high and he'll at least make a buck and have much better doctors and trainers working with him. The scary part is he relied heavily on his springy legs to block/change shots. He never had much of an offensive game, so it's really a toss up if he's ever gets back to 100%.

I believe in him. It seems like these knee surgeries aren't what they once were. I think he should go pro. Somebody will take a chance on him, most likely in the lottery, that nets him a large amount of money. He'll at worst be similar to a young Ibaka if he can put on some weight/muscle.

Shabazz Muhammad

He is going to be fun to watch. He's a 6'6 wingman with a wingspan of over 7'. He's quick and athletic. He should be able to do a bit of everything once he turns pro.

Anthony Bennett

A bit of a tweener size wise but he is nearly unguardable this season. He's a bit too slow to guard small forwards and he's a bit too small to be a power forward. But with the right team he could end up scoring 20+ a night in the NBA.

Jeff Withey

He won't get drafted until late in the first round but whoever takes him will be thrilled to land such a talent so late. Kentucky won the title last year, but no thanks to Anthony Davis' offense. Withey had four blocks and held Davis to 1/10 from the field. I would argue Withey is better than Noel but will get drafted fifteen picks after him. He's a defensive stand out who has grown his offensive game a lot this past year. He still has work to do but Withey is going to be around for a long time in the NBA.

Tim Hardaway Jr

Michigan seems to always play better when Hardaway is being aggressive. He has the pedigree and the shot to make it in the big leagues. He's a 6'6 two guard so there are plenty of teams who will be willing to snatch him up. If he can get a little stronger and play tougher defense he is going to be pretty good.

Alex Len

The tallest guy any body will probably draft this year. At 7'1 he's remarkably athletic. He moves without the ball like Rip Hamilton. If he gets paired with the right point guard he's going to make some coach very happy. His soft touch around the hoop will make him a great pick and roll option and if he can put on some weight and hit the glass he will be really good.

Glenn Robinson III

Similar to Tim Hardaway Jr. he has the pedigree and talent to make it at the next level. He is a much better athlete than his pops, but he has nowhere near the shot that he did. That shot kept the real Glenn Robinson in the league so long. He is like the NBA equivalent of Tony Gwynn. He was incredibly underrated in his day, now has a kid who is good but nowhere near as good as pops. 

Michael Carter-Williams

Remember this name for the tourney and for next NBA season. Carter-Williams is a 6'6 point guard that can score. He's a match-up nightmare. He could end up being the steal of the draft when he gets taken late in the lottery, Kobe style.

The one guy you don't want your team to draft: Trey Burke

Would you want JR Smith if he was smaller and less athletic? Trust me don't bet on Michigan this year. Bet against them all you want, just don't bet on them. This kid will make you drink, smoke, do meth, you name it. He's the most frustrating player to watch on the best team this far

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

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